Back with a vengeance

Willem ter Harmsel

I feel the absence on my blog deserves a little explaining. New articles are arriving shortly, after a six-month period of inactivity.

Besides interviewing Silicon Valley executives, I have three more activities that have been drawing my attention.

First, my primary occupation is owner/ headhunter at my company Indigo Infra. We recruit for technical and commercial leadership positions in IT infrastructure. Business has been great and we are expanding, hiring more staff to cope with the increased client base.

Second, in an effort to work more efficiently at Indigo, we are building a matching engine to automate away part of our recruitment process. This allows us to focus our human capital on human interaction; where we can really make a difference. We are currently in the process of building the prototype.

Third, together with my business partner Jaap van Goch, we joined EVO Venture Partners. EVO is a young venture capital firm focused on early stage start-ups in IT Infrastructure. The value that EVO brings to start-ups is knowledge, network and experience, in addition to seed capital. The team has a mix of IT entrepreneurs, engineers, headhunters and lawyers – all experienced in IT infrastructure.

Things are moving along nicely now in all three areas, allowing me to take up writing again. Next to IT Infrastructure I will be covering a wider range of topics, including HR/recruitment start-ups and quantum computing.

As a headhunter I have particular interest in the recruitment market. I feel that the increasing shortage of great IT specialists cannot be combatted by the traditional recruitment approach. Maturity of data analytics, mobile- and cloud infrastructure technology makes the time right to transform the recruitment space.

Quantum computing is a topic I have personally been triggered by for a long time. I find the subject enigmatic; its workings are elusive to both IT specialists and physicists around me. That makes it a particularly compelling area for me to focus on.

So that’s what you may expect the coming time. Stay tuned!

Willem ter Harmsel

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