Interview with Walter Angerer, CEO of Parsec Labs

Parsec logo wideParsec Labs, interview with Walter Angerer
Date: 6 November 2013
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CEO Series

As a part of a larger series, I am interviewing CEOs that lead companies in the field of Storage, Virtualization and Networking. What developments in the market did they see that inspired them to build their company? How will the market develop from here? These questions are on most of our minds, and I am keen on asking leaders in the industry for their views.

Parsec Labs

Innovation in the NAS market has focused on performance acceleration through usage of SSD technology. For an SMB customer, migrating to a larger and faster NAS represents a large capital investment and migrating data from the old to the new NAS is a painful process.

Parsec Labs targets the SMB market with a Storage router that sits between your NAS systems and your clients. The storage router accelerates performance with its SSD layer and adds de-duplication and compression technology to leverage your existing NAS storage capacity.
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