Interview with Arun Agarwal, CEO of Infinio

infinio_logo2Infinio, interview with CEO Arun Agarwal
Date: 23 November 2013
Infinio CrunchBase profile

Centralized storage often represents the performance bottleneck of the datacentre stack. The storage array sits far away from the application and has to deal with changing I/O from multiple applications. As a result, latency to a busy storage array is high and performance can be unpredictable.

Moving storage closer to the application is a great way to solve the problem. Server side flash is close to the application and can act as a buffer to steady reads and writes to the centralized storage array.

A barrier to overcome with most solutions, is that customers are required to order hardware and invest in considerable work to perform the installation.

Recognizing these barriers, Infinio differentiates itself by offering a virtual appliance that uses existing server memory to cache reads. To sidestep any remaining organizational barriers, the product can be downloaded and fully tested for 30 days.

I Interviewed Arun Agarwal, CEO of Infinio to find out more about the company and the product.
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Interview Riccardo Badalone – CEO Diablo Technologies

diablo_technologies (1)Diablo Technologies, interview with Riccardo Badalone
Date: 9 September 2013
Diablo Technologies Crunchbase Profile

Riccardo Badalone of Diablo Technologies

I had a great skypecall with Riccardo Badalone of Diablo Technologies this friday. I heard about Diablo Technologies recently and found myself very interested in the background of this company. The interview is covered in two parts, part 2 goes into the technological details and performance of Diablo MCS and can be found here.

Riccardo started the company a decade ago in 2003, he cofounded it with Franco Forlini and Michael Parziale. Diablo Technologies is based in Ottowa, Canada.
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Diablo Technologies MCS – Persistent Storage/Memory in DDR3 form factor

Diablo Technologies (1)Diablo Technologies MCS introduction
Date: 30 Augustust 2013
Diablo Technologies Crunchbase Profile

I was recently made aware of Diablo Technologies who develop one very interesting product; Memory Channel Storage (MCS).

-update- Find part 1 of my interview with Riccardo Badalone here and part 2 of that interview with background on Diablo MCS here.

Diablo MCS are 200 GB / 400 GB NAND flash modules that are designed to connect directly to the memory bus. The product looks like a regular DDR3 RAM module, while featuring persistent NAND flash. MCS modules are plugged right in the memory slots and can be configured to be recognised as Storage or Memory.
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Interview with Greenbytes CEO Steve O’Donnell part 2

GreenBytesGreenBytes, interview with CEO Steve O’Donnell
Date: 26 August 2013
GreenBytes Crunchbase profile

Steve O’Donnell of Greenbytes

On the 21st of August, I interviewed Steve O’Donnell – CEO of Greenbytes. In the first part of the interview I covered the reasoning behind Greenbytes’ move toward 100% software only. In the second part, I asked Steve about his views on the storage market and asked some questions about his personal drive & background.

Some of my questions were inspired by an interesting interview on Techcrunch with Lightspeed Venture Partners’ Bipul Sinha where he explains (jump to 02:00) that in his view, the best startups offer a disruptive solution that fits into an existing structure that the customer is already using. He convincingly explains how flash virtualization startup Pernix Data fits those parameters, but left some question marks in explaining how Nutanix (also in his portfolio) meets those requirements.

I have been interested to hear the views on converged technologies and how disruptive technologies can be made to fit customers’ existing infrastructure. Steve has interesting views on these points that shine through in this second part of the interview.

How do you view the converged technologies like Nutanix, Simplivity and upcoming ConvergentIO?

Steve O'DonnellI think they’re great and the obvious way forward. The market is going toward services, toward fully integrated solutions. At Greenbytes we are seeing that customers are buying fully integrated virtual appliances for VDI that work. Working with our partners we deliver that kind of integrated solutions. Nutanix, Simplitivity are great. Except, they’re still the ancklebiters, the little guys – who’s going to win is the big guys.
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Most interesting niche within Software Defined Datacenter space?

This question I posted on “Ask a VC Series” where Bipul Sinha was invited. Bipul Sinha is partner at Lightspeed Ventures where he currently invests in Nutanix, Pernix Data, Bromium and Peel.

Considering his portfolio and feel for the Software Defined Datacenter space I was curious to know what he considered to be the most interesting niche within SDD. Bipul regards management of the software defined datacenter stack to be very important and motivates that in the below video.
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