Most interesting niche within Software Defined Datacenter space?

This question I posted on “Ask a VC Series” where Bipul Sinha was invited. Bipul Sinha is partner at Lightspeed Ventures where he currently invests in Nutanix, Pernix Data, Bromium and Peel.

Considering his portfolio and feel for the Software Defined Datacenter space I was curious to know what he considered to be the most interesting niche within SDD. Bipul regards management of the software defined datacenter stack to be very important and motivates that in the below video.

Disruptive technology vs Non rip&replace

I follow Bipul’s train of thought on how Startups on the one hand need to bring disruptive technology to the enterprise market to stand a chance, while on the other hand their solution should ideally fit within the existing framework customers are already using. Not rip & replace.

What is ironic about that is that Nutanix – one of Bipul’s investments, with its converged architecture can by definition not fit into any existing framework.

To be clear, I recently joined Nutanix’ Star-trek intro event in Amsterdam and was very excited about the proposition. It makes sense for many greenfield situations. It does as well for customers that have the ability to quickly restructure their IT infrastructure organisation to the converged architecture. To those customers, Nutanix offer not only great efficiency but also greater business agility – add another box and off you go.

It is the very definition of rip&replace though..

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