Greenbytes now 100% software focused; Interview with CEO Steve O’Donnell

GreenBytesGreenBytes, 1st interview with CEO Steve O’Donnell
Date: 21 August 2013
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Interview with GreenBytes CEO Steve O’Donnell

Today I had a skypecall with Steve O’Donnell, CEO of Greenbytes. In first part of a two-part interview, we discussed Greenbytes’ business strategy in light of this recent news.

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As an introduction, let’s focus on what Greenbytes do and where their product adds value.

Greenbytes value proposition: VDI

The storage market is highly varied in technical solutions and there many startups with equivalent approaches. The large number of startups are hard to pin down in a framework to reveal how they relate to each other. I aim to zoom in on several storage startups that caught my attention and find out what sets them apart.

Greenbytes offers a solution specifically for VDI environments / relieves the Storage array by handling the VDI environment. Their current solutions are I/O Offload engine (Array+Software) and vIO (Software only).
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Most interesting niche within Software Defined Datacenter space?

This question I posted on “Ask a VC Series” where Bipul Sinha was invited. Bipul Sinha is partner at Lightspeed Ventures where he currently invests in Nutanix, Pernix Data, Bromium and Peel.

Considering his portfolio and feel for the Software Defined Datacenter space I was curious to know what he considered to be the most interesting niche within SDD. Bipul regards management of the software defined datacenter stack to be very important and motivates that in the below video.
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